Ripple Wall Paper Cups

Sep 06 , 2023

Our ripple wall cups range in size from 4oz to 22oz, and also we provide custom printing services.Today we talk about the ripple wall cup.


1.Stylish Design: One of the key features that sets the ripple wall paper Cup apart is its unique design. The ripple texture not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides better insulation and comfortable to hold for hot and cold beverages . The appealing aesthetic of these cups makes them a popular choice for coffee shops, restaurants, and even for personal use.


2. Enhanced Insulation: One of the standout features of the ripple wall paper cup is its excellent insulation properties. Three different layers of paper for ripple wall cups, therein ripple texture on the exterior acts as an added layer of insulation, keeping hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for longer periods. This feature not only promotes a more enjoyable drinking experience but also reduces the need for double-cupping or using sleeves.


3. Leak-Proof: The ripple wall paper cup is designed to be leak-proof and spill-resistant. The reinforced sidewalls and the inner lining prevent any potential leakage, that makes your beverage will remain securely in the cup when carrying your drink on-the-go.


4. Convenient and Versatile: The ripple wall paper cup comes in various sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of beverages. From single shots of espresso to large iced coffees or smoothies, these cups can accommodate different drink volumes. Additionally, they are compatible with standard cup lids, making them ideal for takeaway orders .


5.Bespoke Service

We provide custom printing service. Print your logo on the disposable paper cups is a It is an effective means of advertising can expand your brand awareness .Exclusive custom paper cups can leave a deep impression to your customers.


Choose ripple wall paper cup made from degradable material plus its stylish design, excellent insulation, leak-proof construction, and versatility, provides a satisfying drinking experience while minimizing environmental impact.


ripple wall paper cup

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