Exploring the Double PE Paper Cups

Jun 27 , 2023

Cold drink paper cups are divided into double PE paper cups or double PLA paper cups which are commonly used in cold shops, restaurants, and cafes .These cups are made of high-quality paperboard and are coated with polyethylene (PE) or polylactic acid (PLA )on both inside and outside of paper cups, which makes them resistant to liquid penetration better and provides excellent insulation.


One of the most significant advantages of double PE paper cups is their excellent insulation. The double layers of PE coating on the cups provide an extra layer of insulation, which helps keep drink temperature for a longer period.


Cold drinks have a characteristic that they need to be frozen or refrigerated, and the use temperature is 0℃-5℃. That determines the whole paper cup need to be waterproof. Otherwise, the cold drink will cause water to accumulate on the surface of the paper cup,which will cause the paper cup to soften.The double PE coating provides an excellent barrier against moisture and ensures that the paper cups remain intact even when exposed to high temperatures. The cups are also leak-proof, which makes an excellent for serving cold drinks like juice, cola and smoothies.


Moreover, double PE paper cups are customizable. They can be branded with logos, messages, and images that match an company's brand, event or campaign. Personalizing the cups allows businesses to enhance their brand awareness, making them ideal for marketing and promotions.


Additionlly ,compare with double PE paper cups , double PLA paper cups are more eco-friendly. They are made from environmental protection material.The cups are also compostable and biodegradable .They are an environmentally friendly and customizable option, with excellent insulation, strength, and stability. They also limit concerns for your customer's experience with leaks, comfort, and functionality.


For companies seeking a sustainable and versatile product, double PLA paper cups should be highly considered.

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