What are the benefits of sugarcane bagasse tableware?

Feb 16 , 2023

Sugarcane bagasse tableware is made from the fibrous material that remains after the juices are removed from the sugarcane stalk. The fibrous portion generally becomes a waste product after the juices being separated. While the leftover bagasse is a widely used as material for the production of tableware. The a great way to resue the material is to make the sugarcane tableware products.

The reasons are simple, bagasse tableware is more eco-friendly and sustainable as it can be composted easily. The material has a longer lifespan than other materials and can be used to make a number of products such as biodegradable and disposable cups, bowls, plates, and boxes. They have many benefits to be choosen as a tableware.

They are eco-friendly sugarcane products which can easy compostable. Compare to the paper tableware, they are sturdier than paper ones. They have all the benefits of the paper tableware and also is the best way for takeaway and food deliveries.

We have a production line of sugarcane bagasse product which includes different size of plates and bowls and tableware sets, Welcome to visit our webiste and contact us for more information. [email protected].


Sugarcane bagasse tableware

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