What is plastic free water based coated paper cups?

Mar 02 , 2023

Water-based coated paper cups are the innovative products which use paper instead of plastic rise in recent years. Water-based coated paper cups have the advantages of recycling and repulping which has important significance in energy conservation and carbon reduction, and reduce environmental pollution compared with traditional coated paper cups .


A water-based dispersion coating is being coated in inside of paper cups to form an effective barrier to achieve the effect of water and oil proofing .Paper Cups used this coating process also be called Plastic -Free paper cups since they do not use traditional plastic coating .The plastic -free water-based coated paper cups same as normal paper cups can be used in any situation.Because they both can contain hot and cold drink .


They can be 100% recyclable, compostable ,degradable and repulable because of its non-plastic nature .Plastic -free paper cups can decompose only need 26 weeks under temperature of 20-30 Celsius in composting facilities . They also can be recycled and repuled along with other waste paper and waste carboard without any prombles.  

Custom Printed Disposable Waterbased Coating Paper Cups

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