What is the difference between a cold drinks cups and a hot drink cup?

Dec 01 , 2022

For Paper cups it can also be devided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups. The two kinds paper cups have the different quality requirements for paper cup material due to different uses and processing forms. In additational to meeting the requirments of the good performance. Disposable paper cup custom material must also have certain printabilty, and paper cup printing must meet of the heating sealing in paper cup processing. 


Hot Drink Paper Cups


It is usually used for the hot beverage packing. The processing material is paper with single side PE coated. Printing is usually performed on the none PE side surfaces and print directly on paper. Due to the need of the hot drinks, such paper cups need to have certain heat insulation. Therefore hot paper cups require a certain thickness to increase the heat insulation. 


Cold Drink Paper Cups


The cold drink cups are divided into two types depending on the processing method. One is that the paper has the good penetration performance by dipping wax process after the original paper is printed. Another is that the paper has anti-penetration after the paper is double side PE coated. 


Paper cups in two difference process performs have different printing requirment for the materials. Paper cups process by dipping wax are printed on the paper surface, there is no special requirment for material itself. While for the double PE coated paper cups, it is necessary to obtain special paper after the composite paper is obtained. 


PE coated paper cups


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