Why not choosing paper cup with handle ?

May 09 , 2023

While regular paper cups are already a more eco-friendly option than plastic cup. paper cup with handle offer some additional advantages that make them even more practical and convenient.


First,handles make it easier for consumers to hold and carry their drinks without getting burned or spilling. If you drink a hot coffee in a paper cup with handle, you can comfortably hold the coffee while drinking it, without needing a sleeve to protect your hands from the heat.


Furthermore, paper cup with handle often come in a variety of sizes. This makes them versatile for different types of drinks, from small for espresso shots to extra-large for a full-bodied brew.


Same as regular paper cups ,disposable paper cup with handle also have the environmentally friendly option. They're made from materials such as recylable paperboard, which makes them easily recyclable. Some paper cups even made from compostable materials such as PLA or plastic free coated can break down in a matter of months. In addition to this ,custom made paper cup with handle is a marketing tool for your brand to increase your brand value.


So, the next time you're grabbing your morning latte on the go or enjoying a hot beverage in the office, consider choosing a paper cup with handle for a convenient and eco-friendly experience.


paper coffee cup with handle

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