Single wall VS double wall paper cups

Jun 09 , 2022

The most commanly used take out drink containers are single wall paper cups. But for the hot drinks we highly recommand the double wall paper cups which would protect the customer from the heat emitted from the hot beverage. So what is the different between those two types of paper cups?


Kraft Single Wall Paper Cup For Coffee


Put simply, the single wall cups are disposable cups consisting of a single layer of material. Typically made from uncoated paper board. Single wall papar cups are convenient, light weight, and cost effectively which is a good choice for roasters and coffee shops. 


The double wall paper cups are made of two layers paper with small air pocket in between. In this way it  would create air insulating to keep the drink warmer for a long period time. We have a new design of double wall paper cup, it has a beautiful name called ripple wall paper cups. With the outlayer coverd with ripple papers to insulate the user hands against hot or cold liquids contained with the cup. 


Color Printing Double Wall Paper Cup


I hope this would give you  a better idea to choice which type of cup is suitable for you. 




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