What's the differences between those Bio degradable plastic bags?

Jun 14 , 2022

Plastic bags now are widely used in our living lives. It has been a big problem for the environment pollution all over the world. So people have to find a new way to reduce the pollution and also maintain the convenience of the plastic bags. A newer generation of plastic bags has begun to appear the market. It is knowing as Bio-degradable plastic bags


Here are three types eco friendly plastic bags you can find the market. 

The first one is Bio-degradable plastic bags which is made from plant based materials like corn, photo and wheat starch as opposed to oil based plastics that are derived from petroleum. This kind plastic bag would easy break down by living things like funji or bacteria. 


The second one is degradable plastic bags which are different from the Bio-degradable plastic bags as they don't need funji or bacteria to initate the breakdown process. The Chemical additives used during the manufacturing of plastic bags allow the plastic bags to break down much quickly and easier. 


The third one is compostable plastic bags which are also made using a plant material that based on the organic components. While the compostable plastic bags need a very specific environment to initiate the decomposition process which include a specific mix of gases, the right temperature and certain kind microorganisms. 


Each plastic bags as mentioned above have different charateries for you to choose the right one suitbale for you. If you have more questions related those products please leave us a message. Email: [email protected]

Bio Eco Friendly Garbage Bags



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